Links to books published by Christopher M. Dewees

Printer's Catch: An Artist's Guide to Pacific Coast Edible Marine Animals by Christopher Dewees (1996)

This classic book on the Japanese art of fish printing known as Gyotaku gives information on 32 of the most commercially important fish and shellfish families. There is at least one full-page Gyotaku fish print for each family. It also includes background on fish structure, biology, ecology, and commercial fishing for each family.

This book is out of print, but copies are still available from many online sources: Amazon, Ren Brown Gallery.

A Life Among Fishes: The Art of Gyotaku by Christopher M. Dewees (2017)

Read the story of my half century of printing fish and shellfish using traditional gyotaku techniques. Learn about my evolution from being fascinated by gyotaku as a graduate student, to my status now as an internationally recognized master in the field. The book describes fifty years of my experiences and adventures. These stories and poems are linked to many pictures of my gyotaku artwork.

This new book will be available in Fall 2017. Advance orders for the book can be made at Goff Books and Amazon.